Rising Fast - Tag line extension

Industry / Business type: Mechanical engineering, safety, mining


The TAG EX™ tagline extension arm was developed to address a dangerous trend in Australian workplaces – workers putting themselves in a potentially fatal position - under suspended loads.

TAG-EX is a unique rigging safety device that, when attached permanently or temporarily to a load, protects an operator by allowing them to grab and handle the tag-line while remaining a safe distance from the load.

O’Sullivans were engaged at the early stages of the project to assist the inventor assess the relevant IP landscape, manage confidential market research activities and then develop and implement an IP strategy that was the platform that allowed the inventor to attract partners, establish Rising Fast Pty Ltd and commercialise TAG-EX. 

Rising Fast has registered TAG-EX as a trademark, is seeking patent protection for its product range and has also secured a registered design for a component of the TAG-EX system.

What Rising Fast say..........

Martin O'Sullivan has been the single most valuable resource to us in the development of TAG-EX from its basic concept through to its commercialization. He has guided our business through the legal mine field and sought a pathway of legal protection for our products.

With O'Sullivans we have been able to confidently pursue our dreams and our goals in Australia and overseas in our industry dealing with some of the largest organisations in the world.I would recommend O'Sullivans to anyone seeking IP advice and protection, and can guarantee their blend of personalised and professional service and knowledge will aid you in reaching your dreams as they have done for us.

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