WA based hybrid social media app raises capital and forges ahead

Photo Connect Pty Ltd (LITT Global)

Industry / Business type: e-commerce; social media; digital advertising


Photo Connect Pty Ltd is commercialising LITT® - an Australian, community focused, super social media app that combines elements of social media, AR advertising, e-commerce, and digital payments. The company has developed valuable IP, embodied in the LITT app that combines to result in a compelling and unique social media user experience.

In 2021 LITT Global completed a very successful capital raise via an Australian equity crowdfunding platform and is now poised for rapid growth.  It was also named as a “WA start up to watch in 2021” by The West Australian news publication.

O’Sullivans has advised the company on various IP strategy related matters.  More recently, O’Sullivans has managed the registration of the company’s key brand – LITT® in Australia and key overseas markets.

What LITT Global say........

We chose O’Sullivans because they were recommended to us by another start-up company and due to the boutique nature of their business which continues to provide a professional and personalized service that matches the rapidly evolving nature of our business.

We value O’Sullivans services in particular they are:

  • Commercially oriented which is aligned to the direction of our company and seeks to protect our IP without over burdening our start-up budget
  • Pragmatic advice that is delivered on a timely basis always with the best intentions  

We have already and would continue to recommend O’Sullivans to any client or colleague who is looking for IP and Trademark legal services.

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