Unique LED vehicle ID signs saving lives

Advanced Fleet Signs

Industry / Business type: Safety, Communications, LED signage, Mining, Oil and Gas


AFS Desert Shield™ LED vehicle ID signs are designed to help address communication problems resulting from sub-optimal vehicle identification in industrial environments such as mine sites. 

O’Sullivans were engaged by AFS during the early stages of product development and provided AFS direction in terms of the pros and cons of various options for IP protection including patents and registered designs.  This process culminated with AFS securing registered design rights over the two key versions of their signs that will help prevent third parties from copying these products.

What Advanced Fleet Signs say.......

Advanced Fleet Signs chose to enlist the help of O’Sullivans, to secure the design rights of our unique range of LED vehicle safety signs.

As a start-up company with a great new product, we knew how important it was to protect our product as early as possible. Knowing little about IP rights and the processes of protecting our designs, we began the search for a Patent Attorney. We met with several other Patent Attorneys before we made our choice.
AFS chose to work with O’Sullivans because they have a good base of clients within the mining industry, which made it easy for them to understand what we were trying to achieve.

 Due to our limited knowledge of the IP process and our IP rights, O’Sullivans took the time to talk us through the various options open to us, and helped us select the IP option that best suited our situation.
O’Sullivans offered us pragmatic advice and prompt, efficient service, which streamlined the whole process making it a pleasant and stress free experience.

AFS will continue to use the services of O’Sullivans in the future with other projects.
We would recommend O’Sullivans to anyone who, wants the IP process taken care of by people that know what they’re doing, leaving you time to concentrate on other aspects of your business. 


What is a registered design?