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There's something you should know about IP.

84% of the market value of the top 500 US companies is attributed to intangible assets such as patents and trade marks. (Ocean Tomo)

Most of us know we are in the midst of an intellectual property (IP) revolution. Successful companies are using patents, trade marks and other IP assets to contribute to their commercial success. Your IP is probably your most valuable asset and the key to your competitive advantage. 

However, less than 1% of US patents are commercially viable. (Richard Maulsby, United States Patent and Trade Mark Office)

Although the processes for protecting intellectual property are well established and relatively accessible, the vast majority of people investing in IP fail to realise any return, even when they use a patent or trade mark attorney. Why is this so? There are a number of reasons, but the main one is that the IP registration systems simply reward inventions, designs and brands that are unique. Commercial value is not a consideration. 

The key to success is aligning your IP and commercialisation strategies.

A number of innovative businesses, individuals, and even IP service providers, make the mistake of adopting IP strategies that are not underpinned by a strong business case and a well-structured commercialisation strategy. A poor strategy – or poor alignment between your IP and your business – leads to unnecessary expenditure on IP portfolios with no real market potential or likelihood of generating adequate returns.

The O’Sullivans difference is our ability and drive to help our clients reach their commercial objectives.

At O’Sullivans Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys, we pride ourselves on our ability to understand your venture – and help you make IP decisions to give your venture the best chance of success. Attorneys offering trade mark, design and patent registration services are all too often focused on simply securing registered IP rights in a commercial vacuum. This is not the O’Sullivans way. We work to make a meaningful contribution to the success of your venture – which means getting to know your business and working out the best ways you can use IP rights to underpin your commercial success. 

It’s not up to the IP registration systems to assess commercial viability. That means the real challenge for innovative businesses is to manage intellectual property in the context of the business. If you can achieve this, then you are well on your way to success in your IP based venture.

O’Sullivans Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys know that the ultimate decider of commercial success is the market. Even the most comprehensive IP portfolio will only generate worthwhile returns if it protects or enhances the value of a product that addresses a real and compelling market opportunity in a way that is superior to alternatives.  To put it simply, we understand that the true value of IP lies in its ability to secure a sustainable competitive advantage. So we aim to develop a robust IP strategy in the context of your business.

At O’Sullivans, we excel at understanding each client’s intellectual property in a commercial context. We know what to protect and how best to protect it. Our IP commercialisation expertise and practical approach enable us to provide a more complete attorney service. We will help you to not only invest in the right IP, but to position your business to realise the value of all your IP-related investments. 

It is the O’Sullivans mission to contribute to your success by securing:

A commercial edge.

Our unique combination of IP, business and technical skills means that you’ll get IP services that deliver the most important thing: a sustainable competitive advantage.

A commercial focus.

Our tailored IP strategies are designed to enhance the value of your business or opportunity, and position you for success.

A commercial network.

IP commercialisation requires a complex set of skills and capabilities. Our clients not only get the best IP protection but access to our extensive networks to help them on the road to success.


At O’Sullivans, we see through the hype that surrounds IP and technology – and keep the commercial opportunity clearly in sight. Click to find out about Our Services, including Trade Marks, Patents, Registered Designs and IP Management.

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