Debbie Slater

BSc (Hons) | CPA (UK) | IP Consultant 


Debbie is a UK chartered patent attorney & IP consultant with over 30 years corporate and private practice experience in Australia and the UK. She has extensive experience in assisting clients with protecting and managing their IP portfolios, carrying out audits and implementing processes to more effectively manage their IP. 

After initially working in the UK, that included roles at Nokia Mobile Phones Ltd and Vickers PLC (owners of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Ltd), Debbie worked in private practice in Australia from 2000-2012.  She then returned to the UK where she worked as a patent attorney and an in-house IP manager with a world leader in the development and manufacture of switched reluctance motors until her return to Australia in 2017.

Debbie has extensive experience with drafting, filing and prosecuting patent applications in physics, electronics, computer-related inventions and business methods. Specifically, experience in noise signal generation and measurement devices, nuclear magnetic resonance detection equipment, telecommunications devices in the cellular radio telephone and local and private area network domains and VOIP, electricity generators and motors, electronic gaming technologies, semiconductor switching devices, digital signal processing, RFID technologies, computer and software-related inventions, internet-based systems, mining and offshore applications. 

Debbie holds a B.Sc. with Honours in Physics from the University of Leeds and until recently she was a member of the UK Patent Examination Board’s Governance Board, overseeing the development and delivery of examination for qualification as a UK registered patent attorney.  She worked with the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys to develop their professional development framework and to develop and deliver their Introductory Certificate in Patent Administration.   

Her approach to IP management and protection is one of pragmatism with a business-focussed approach.

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