Who We Are

O’Sullivans is a Perth-based, full service patent and trade mark attorney firm established in 2009 by Martin O’Sullivan.

Whilst we are passionate about technology and venture creation, our approach to intellectual property (IP) is commercial and market-based. The O’Sullivans team aims to apply technical, legal and industry knowledge and experience to assist our clients in reaching their commercial objectives. We help innovative businesses leverage their IP, with the ultimate goal of creating shareholder value and maintaining a sustainable competitive edge.

What sets O’Sullivans apart is our understanding of how to derive value from IP. This understanding allows us to work with our clients to identify and address key areas of risk in their venture, and to ensure alignment between their IP and business strategies. Find out more about Our Approach.

A number of innovative businesses, individuals, and even IP service providers, make the mistake of adopting IP strategies that are not underpinned by a strong business case and a well-structured commercialisation strategy. A poor strategy – or poor alignment between your IP and your business – leads to unnecessary expenditure on IP portfolios with no real market potential or likelihood of generating adequate returns.

O’Sullivans provides efficient, personalised IP services to support your business in reaching simple yet successful outcomes in protecting, monetising and commercialising your IP. We offer a number of free online services in the area of intellectual property, including a detailed IP factsheet request service on the topics of Patents, Trademarks, Registered Designs, or IP Management. We also provide a free Trade mark Search service to help you establish the registrability of your brand, name or product.